Trends in wedding photography


Your wedding day is unique, from the sacred celebratory cake to the wedding dress to the set-up of your location. So naturally you want your wedding photography to be a reflection of your Big Day. Professional wedding photos records, creates and inspires gorgeous works of art for clients to cherish for generations to come.

Wedding photo-journalism captures the true essence of the day’s event as they unfold, telling the story, emotion and behind-the-scene events of your wedding day. While the photo-journalistic approach to wedding photography more trends have come about to truly create unique famous wedding photography in kanpur with appreciation.

An up-and-coming wedding photography in kanpur concept is the proposal photography, where the Groom arranges with a photographer beforehand to photograph the magical moment when the Groom proposes marriage. The element of surprise and delight is captured in the Bride’s eyes when she accepts, and has no idea that the moment is captured until later when the Groom offers the one-in-a-lifetime photo as a present.

Another trend in wedding photography is called Trash the Dress, where after the Big Day, the Bride encounters a photo shoot where her wedding dress gets completely destroyed by non-toxic paint, glue, submerged in water or even an old-fashioned food fight or other creative outlets. This type of professional photography can present amazing images as a talking point for later dates.

most common trend is a pre wedding photography in kanpur in which are a session that you book with your wedding photographer in kanpur a couple of months/ days before the wedding. Many of our couples book a shoot with us to get comfortable in front of the camera, and they will often use their images to add an extra personal touch to their wedding.


A really best candid photographer in kanpur trend is the boudoir photography. Shot before the wedding, this special type of photography is reserved for just the bride and the groom. It focuses on showing the bride’s beauty as a special gift to the groom – think classy, seductive pin-up girl.

However you choose to have your professional photography done at your wedding, ensure your photos are beautiful, candid and of the highest quality by choosing a wedding photographer that shares your views and insights into your Big Day. All professional photography taken on the day should include a take-home DVD, edited to include all the perfect moments captured throughout the day. A wedding photographer can take from 40-60 hours to edit your video, so this is essentially why professional photography can be quite expensive.

From traditional photo-journalism wedding photography to an edgy, unique photography style of your choice, your wedding day is all about you and your loved ones. Embrace your Big Day with quality professional wedding photography that you will treasure forever.

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