Are Low cost wedding Photographer really Bad?

Cost of any service depends on multiple factors of market. And as per common theory of economics, Price reduces when Supply overtakes Demand and price increases when supply decreases.

low cost wedding photographer

But it becomes very little difficult to comprehend when the item is intangible and work of art. This surely will not follow the simple rules of supermarket economics.

Wedding Photography as a product is both necessity as well as luxury. Necessary because of obvious reasons and Luxury due to the individuals priority, choice and expenditure.

Prices of Candid Wedding Photography packages vary depending on a number of parameters, and here are 5 different points that we will discuss on why prices of Wedding Photography comes down with wedding photographer to other and whether these are of any importance.



sometimes cheap wedding photographers are not that bad, and these could be the possible reasons:


  1. This cheap wedding Photographer is comparatively new in the wedding fraternity and looking to make a mark by doing more and more weddings and build a solid body of portfolio.
  2. cheap wedding Photographer booked is costly but, since the wedding date is so much close that he is willing to throw it out for a bargain to get the deal.
  3. The candid wedding Photographer was not been able to get much wedding assignments due to an increase in the package rates he did last season, and he is now desparate to make it up.

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