Get True Emotional Clicks with Candid Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Wedding is the most emotional ceremony for every bride & groom and they always want to make their wedding the best with all necessary aspects. When it comes to the Indian wedding, photography plays a important role . If you want your wedding photographer in kanpur to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding ceremony,…

Wedding Photography Should Always Be Magical!

Every bridegroom and bride-to-be should have to have their wedding photography in kanpur, uttar pradesh best in classto keep in mind their marvelous day. The first step is discovering the right wedding photographer in kanpur uttar pradesh for you, but before you begin shopping around, you must understand a little bit about wedding photography and also…

wedding short film by Studio Rollei

a short video of a hindu wedding by Studio Rollei kanpur uttar pradesh, Studio Rollei is considered as the best candid wedding photographer in kanpur, u.p.

500th test match in Kanpur

Shot the 500th test match of  Indian cricket team in Kanpur, a historical event we were honoured to shot these stalwarts an event to be remember, hope you all would like these memories